Sunday, January 25, 2009


slumdog millionaire was really good. i'm glad we went to see it. i highly recommend it! maybe it's 'cause we went to the 4:10 show, but we were surrounded by old people. it was weird, and i'm not sure why they were all there. i guess because the movie won the golden globe for best picture, at least there weren't cell phones out all over the place! i will never understand why people take little kids in to a rated r movie. either get a babysitter or wait until the movie is out on dvd. don't bring kids to a movie unless it's something they want to see! speaking of kids, there's lots of baby news going on around us. auttie and dcam found out they're having a girl! one of my friends from church is due this week. k-dogg had to go to a baby shower at work! a friend from school is due this weekend. one of my old friends had her baby early this week. and the eighth grader at my school looks like she's about to bust even though she has two or three weeks left. everyone at school is worried she's going to have it at school! in other school friday my week was going much better. all the problems that were happening got worked out because i stood up for myself. other than that, we've been busy planning some trips. my mom and i are going to california on spring break to see bean and j-baby! k-dogg and my cousin are planning a trip to japan! i have absolutely no desire to go to japan. as long as he takes a lot of pictures and brings me a present, i'll be happy. i need to find something to eat and probably start on a baby blanket...go see slumdog millionaire, but leave your kids at home!

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