Saturday, January 10, 2009

shut up and let me go

that title was so appropriate this week! between being back at work with my crazy students and having another "thing" in the house this week...ugh! two nights on the couch at my mom and dad's does not make me happy and cheery to face my 7th graders the next day! especially when two of them lost their minds and tried to talk back to me. work would be dreadful without my friends down the hall. we keep each other entertained and laughing so we don't end up exploding on our little darlings and getting fired. i started a new class at church wednesday night. systematic theology with a 1200 page book and our first question to figure out for next week is where did the Bible come from! yea! i get to use my brain again! anyway, other than texas winning and ou getting beat nothing else happened. i'm off to clean house and get ready for shogun and bride wars for lulu's 16th birthday!

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