Sunday, January 18, 2009

if it were up to me

if it were up to me...i wouldn't be sick, the eagles would've beat the cardinals, i'd be off work monday AND tuesday, we'd have a decent fast food place in town, and slumdog millionaire, the reader, and revolutionary road would be playing somewhere close to here. but none of those things are up to me, so i'm going to go take some more medicine and rest on the couch some more, hope the steelers win, try to feel like going to work by tuesday, try to get k-dogg to put a frozen pizza in the oven, and not go to the movies this weekend.

while i've been on the couch since yesterday morning i watched thirteen finally. i also watched august rush. both of them ended too quickly. i'm also reading a mighty heart. once again, thanks to living in the land where award-worthy movies never seem to quite make it for more than a week if at all, but we get every stupid horror movie that comes out...i never saw the movie a mighty heart, so i'm reading the book before i rent it. ok, must get medicine and pizza now and get back on the couch before my head explodes!


Mzzterry said...

hope you are feeling better. both of our cell phones are dead & we forgot to bring the chargers, so untill we head home tomorrow & can charge the phone in the car we are cell phoneless. you can reach us at the carsons # if you need us. we are watching eagle eye, it is good!

see ya tomorrow evening, or at least talk to you!

Rosemond said...

You can always come visit a certain friend in the DFW area....I'll take you to the movies! =)