Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i took this the other morning when the weather was weird and made all the spider webs show up. k-dogg doesn't like spiders, but the spider wasn't around when i took this. i went back to look that afternoon, and it was home. i just posted yesterday, so i don't have much new to say. i'm working on a new blanket. this one is a big one and it's actually an order from someone i don't even know. then i have some more small ones to make. just finished watching american idol. i voted for danny and kris. adam is just eeww. my mom said he looks like eddie munster. i told her that's true, except adam wears more make up. megan joy needs to be gone! tomorrow is april fool's day. not one of my favorite days for teaching at a middle school. it was pretty funny last year when one of my students freaked out about it being april fool's and then thought she was good since she remembered to wear green! gotta love that family! gotta go look at itunes and maybe add to my netflix. hope you all survive tomorrow unscathed!


Mzzterry said...

Hey. cool photo. dad wants a copy of the 2nd one! be careful out there tomorrow!

Rosemond said...

Adam gives me the creeps!!!