Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm still in california.  i'll be home tomorrow and then i'll post pictures then or thursday.  i went in to town by myself this morning.  four hours later...i'm back at bean's cottage alone until they get back from work.  i liked riding the trolley from the cottage to downtown.  i got to see a lot of ojai and it's only 50 cents!  i have shopped til i have dropped this week.  sunday we went downtown and then drove to the outlets in camarillo...yea...new vans!  got some t's and a cardigan from vans and j crew.  yesterday we went to the santa barbara zoo and to the shopping district in sb.  got some good pictures and stuff at the gift shop.  then we went out to eat last night and i ate fried duck and a kobe beef burger.  best hamburger meat i have ever tasted...not a big fried duck fan, but it was something different!  today i went out on my own and took a lot of pictures, bought k-dogg another present, got bean and j-baby something, got some tokyo milk lip gloss!!!!!  had lunch from the convenient store, bought some books at the used book store that's owned by the library.  i found a book i really wanted to get my mom and dad...it's a really old hardback copy of pilgrim's progress.  i couldn't find a date anywhere in it...but it was $50...i got my 3 books for $3.50...so that should tell you how special that copy was.  oh well, i got a picture of the cover with my cell phone.  saw the most outrageous old lady at the trolley stop.  black heels, white shirt, kelly green skirt, green nails, green sparkly hat, green and white earrings, a blinking shamrock pin and a plastic green shamrock ring that said happy st. patricks day!  i wish i could have gotten a picture, but i didn't want to ask if i could take her picture and it was too shadowey under the trolley stop to sneak one.  wanted to go to in-out burger, but probably won't make it.  ojai doesn't allow hardly any franchises in the town.  they do have a jersey mike's, a von's grocery store, and an ace hardware, but that's it...everything else is local.  oh well.  i'm not looking forward to leaving for the airport at 4:30am tomorrow, but i am ready to see k-dogg , sleep in my bed instead of on bean's couch, and use the restroom without an audience!  i like california better now than last time...but texas still is the best!

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