Monday, March 30, 2009

the pirates that don't do anything

i had a whole post typed...but something happened and it disappeared. i'll retype it at home this evening.

ok, let's try this again. i was glad to have a weekend at home. i like traveling, but i like staying home and not having plans, too. friday night we went to texas's always good. saturday my mom and i went to a kinda baby shower for my friend shelly. i haven't seen shelly since high school. her family is so nice and her 3 kids and all her nephews are so cute and well-behaved. 8 kids and 3 babies in a small house could have been horrible, but i actually had a good time. a weekend at home usually means shopping. i got a huge new ring and some earrings. saturday night was at pizza hut. it's always so empty when we go there. i love it. i also watched role models and into the wild. guess which one i chose and which one k-dogg chose...we are really liking netflix even if he does get to pick stupid movies! k-dogg decided he likes the shower curtain that i like, so i got to order it today! that means the pirate bathroom is moving out to the apartment bathroom and i get to redecorate. not a lot to do, i bought a new rug at walmart and once i get the pirates out, i'll start buying a few decorations and a picture or something. after 4 years, i'm tired of the pirates. so, we're going from this...

to this! i'm so happy!

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Mzzterry said...

i am liking this.