Sunday, March 8, 2009

life goes on

i really didn't mean to wait almost a whole week to post! taks writing was tuesday. that's the time i really do not like being a 7th grade teacher and head of the reading and writing department. my mom and i went shopping tuesday afternoon as a taks stress reliever. i got a really cool necklace that i need to take a picture of. we went to pier one and got some candles. wednesday i went shopping after work again! so that was trip 2 to pier one. they still didn't have the candle holder my mom had been wanting. thursday i had to go to the dentist after work and then go help at the track meet. i don't think i've ever been to a track meet that was completely finished by 8pm! friday we went to see the watchmen movie. k-dogg liked it, i hated it. if i hadn't been there just because i knew how much k-dogg wanted me to go with him, i would've walked out. it was so stupid, way too long, and had way to much rated R-ness. we got there really early so we made up a new guessing game where we tried to guess which movie people were going to buy tickets for before they said anything. we got a lot of them right, the old woman going to see the reader, the black couple going to see madea goes to jail, the nerds going to the watchmen. the funniest one was this older man wearing a marines cap. we both guessed he was going to see gran torino. we were very surprised when he got a ticket for he's just not that in to you! anyway, it was a fun way to waste time. and the country hash browns with sour cream, chives, bacon, and cheese from ihop almost made going to the movie worth it! yesterday, my mom and i shopped til we dropped. we went to pier one agin, they finally had the candle holder she-d been waiting on, and she decided she didn't like it! then k-dogg and i went out to eat with one of his friends. we went to an asian bistro and sushi bar. our waitress was really nice and helped us figure out what to order. k-dogg ordered big eye tuna sushi. we both liked it and he liked the soup he ordered too, so now he's thinking he may actually not starve when he goes to japan. he booked his trip today! i don't know which is crazier, that he's going to japan for over a week by himself, or that i'm staying here for over a week by myself! i'm going to be so bored. spring break starts friday and i am going to see my sister in california! i can't wait!

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