Wednesday, March 18, 2009

stuck in ojai

yep, i found a song called stuck in ojai! not a bad place if you're stuck there. anyway, i got home around 3:30 this afternoon. took a nap, k-dogg's family woke me up from calling him and then my mom called me. after my nap was cut short i loaded my pictures and we went to pizza hut so we could be back in time to watch lost. i took close to 150 pictures, but these are some of my favorites. east texas is taking revenge on me by attacking my allergies, so i'm fixin to drink some hot tea and go to bed soon. in my bed...not on my sister's couch and i can sleep as late as i want...and the best part is...we don't own a coffee grinder. i despise those things! a cold coke is a much better way to wake up!

ojai, see i told you it wasn't a bad place to be stuck!

no, the don't have meerkats...the santa barbara zoo does.

i have never seen a cactus like this, it was in a cactus garden in front of an art gallery

this appears to be a regular sunday afternoon happening. these people (and 1 iguana) meet at the park downtown. the guys play drums while the girls hula hoop.

this is lake casitas near ojai.

and this was a little friend i found at the lake.

this is the ojai post office. there's a staircase on the front of the building so you can climb to the tower, but it said enter at your own risk and since i was there alone...i didn't want to risk it.


Rosemond said...

Great photos! Glad you had fun with your baby sister! =) On another note, after reading this all I can think of is Pizza Hut! Mmmmm....

Mzzterry said...

Ojai is a beautiful place, wish I had got to go with you! Can't wait to see the rest of your photos!