Monday, March 2, 2009

i like to move it

wow, learn something new everyday...i didn't know ANYTHING was this week other than the TAKS writing test! anyway, go read my mom's blog about multiple sclerosis. i can't think of that song without picturing the a-team singing it at the pool in mexico! in other news, i changed my hair color again, i have to go to the dentist and work at a track meet this week, and we're going to see the watchmen this weekend. one of my students and three of my students from last year are in a whole lot of trouble right now. shelly is addicted to blogging...who blogs after their water breaks and they're about to have a baby?!?!?! it's getting close to spring break...and i just added five michael jackson songs to my ipod...who's bad? :)


Mzzterry said...

Your bad......and you know it! As long as one of the songs is not Thriller you should be ok!!

DyessFam said...

Hey, in all fairness it was a short post and it was just to let everyone know it was finally go time. Plus, I didn't have contractions until the early morning, so I was a little bored! :)