Monday, June 13, 2011


don't have much to say right now...just don't want that last post to be the first thing on my screen anymore.  the mavs won the nba finals last night.  i'm getting tired of reading all the posts on facebook.  where does it say that if you live in east should automatically like all teams from dallas?  i haven't liked the cowboys since i was a little kid and didn't really have my own opinion yet.  even then i liked the oilers better, i loved the chicago bears, and it was a dallas cowboys cheerleader jacket i had...not one for the team!  i don't have a favorite football team right now.  it will depend on where (if anywhere) vince young ends up and if there's even a season.  or i may go back to cheering for my bears. but, my second favorite team is always anyone that beats dallas!  college football is better anyway.  i never really cared one way or the other about the mavs when i was growing up.  i'm kinda with chris bosh from the heat...they were not a good team and i was/am a huge tim duncan fan.  my child has a spurs blanket...which we got questions about every time we went out with it this winter.  i was a huge fan of basketball in middle school.  my door was covered with pictures and headlines from the newspapers.  that was the early 90's, so of course i loved michael jordan.  my students are always impressed that i got to watch him and shaq on tv when he was the best and before shaq was old and hurt!  then after jordan i liked the rockets and then the spurs.  i have never liked the lakers.  what they did to phil jackson during his last game as a head coach this year was disgraceful.  and as long as mark cuban owns the dallas mavericks...i'll never like them.  i did say last night that after watching the finals i like jason terry.  but cuban and carlisle have a long way to go.  my favorite teams are san antonio and oklahoma city.  after that it's anyone that beats dallas or la.  and i do like one team from dallas...I LOVE MY TEXAS RANGERS!

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mzzterry said...

those are MIne & Scouts Texas Rangers ;)