Monday, June 20, 2011

after midnight

could not go to sleep last night.  i played on my phone, i played the alphabet game in my head.  i kept my eyes closed for two hours.  i finally got up and took another allergy pill.  could be a lot of things.  i took a two hour nap yesterday and saturday.  working in the yard saturday morning wore me out.  i know those flower beds have not been touched in at least 2 years!  Scout's getting a lot easier to take care of and i'm out of school right now, so i don't need as much sleep as i have been trying to get.  and now that he's sleeping in his room, it's easier for all of us.  gaudet's funeral starts in an hour.  i decided not to go.  it's just too much.  between all the news coverage and the procession.  i put my flag out, i'm praying for his family.  and i'm staying home.  but it was still on my mind last night.  then, there's all the projects around here.  i have blankets to make, a wreath to create, the regular housework, and i'd really like to clean out most of the house...ugh!  2 weeks til NYC! 


mzzterry said...

make a list of the things you wanna do at home.....i know you always work better with a list (if you know where the list is!!!)

or start in one room and go around the entire room until you finish that room before you start another!

Don't look at the whole picture, just take it bit by bit.

As for the did what was right for you & That is always the right thing to do in a situation like that.

One of the things I admire most about you is your ability to stand your ground & not be persuaded by the "popular" opinion.

Gaudet knew you & would totally expect nothing less from you.

God (more importantly) understands ;)

I love you.

queen of everything said...

i was discussing you the other day with a friend and i was telling her how amazing it was to see you be so comfortable with who you are. i found that silly book you made for me when i moved in high school, and i sat down and reread it. you were and are an wonderful friend, and your choice was the right one for you. don't doubt, that's a game far beneath you.