Tuesday, June 7, 2011

american boy

not loving facebook right now.  sitting on my couch sunday night, watching the heat beat the mavs again, hanging out with k-dogg and scout, playing on my phone because i think it's attaching itself to my hand, decided to checkout facebook statuses real quick.  my friend, charity's, "my heart goes out to brad's family.  thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for those of us back home..." my friend susan's, "rip brad gaudet.  you did pay the ultimate sacrifice for all us!"  really, a friend i've had for 20 years is killed in afghanistan and i learn the news on facebook!  within an hour, about 2/3 of my facebook feed was about gaudet.  the only ones not posting about him were my friends from work and church.  i don't know who found out about him and how the news got back to gladewater so fast...but i hope i never again have to find out anything like that from a facebook post.  i met gaudet at an end of school pool party when he was in 5th grade and i was in 6th.  back then he went by justin.  he was the first boy that was my boyfriend for more than 2 weeks in middle school.  he is the only guy, other than my dad, that has ever bought me flowers.  he started coming to my church with his mom and his little sister.  my dad took us and two other friends from church to see audio adrenaline at the oil palace.  when he started high school he decided to start going by brad.  i could never call him that, so i just called him gaudet.  when i was a junior, i babysat his sister everyday after school from the time i got out of school until whenever his mom decided to come home.  he drove an old turquoise vw bug that broke down a lot.  a lot of times his sister and i would have to go pick him up from football or basketball practice or take him to work.  when he was a junior, he flipped off the camera in the football team picture and had to pay for everyone's retakes!  he was a year behind me in school and after he graduated, i had started going to a different church and didn't see him much.  i knew he had a daughter named tealie and he was in the army.  i saw him on the news when he got in trouble for stealing some shuttle wreckage in nacogdoches.  yeah, i'm not one to gloss over everything and conveniently forget stuff just because you aren't supposed to talk bad about people after they're gone.  :)  he wouldn't expect anything else from me anyway, we loved to harass each other!  he found me on facebook last year and i knew he was in new york and had a fiance and was going to have a baby.  addison was born in mid-may and gaudet got to the hospital while ginny was in labor.  he got to spend about two weeks with them and then flew back to afghanistan right before memorial day weekend.  now that i have scout, i feel so bad for ginny and addison.  i can't imagine what that would be like. so, yeah, not a big facebook lover these days.   


mzzterry said...

you made your mom cry. not that making me cry is a big accomplishment. i know that losing a friend is hard....even if you are no longer close to that friend. i love you and i am so sorry that you had to get this punch in the gut thru such a hard way....fb is a love/hate kinda thing for just those reasons.

I love you. your words are beautiful, like you.

Rosemond said...

You made me cry, too...I hated to hear this news and my heart just breaks for his daughters.