Sunday, June 26, 2011

invade my space

did some major shopping yesterday.  went by the mall to stock up on soap and wallflowers from b&bw.  got lunch from chick-fil-a and for some reason decided to get a table in the food court instead of inside the restaurant.  so, i found a table with six chairs.  i could have been rude and sat right in the middle and spread all my stuff out, but i was nice and sat at the end in case someone needed to sit at the other end.  sure enough, before i even have my food set up, a lady asked if she could sit at the other end of the table.  yeah...the other END.  she said she had someone with her, so i said fine.  she didn't have one someone with her, she had FOUR someones.  as in five people...they took over my whole table!  how rude and sneaky can you be?  so, after i crammed my nuggets and fries down and gulped my dr. pepper so i could leave MY table...i overheard her say, "wow, she ate fast and didn't say much!"  anyway, i got the snoopy shower curtain i have been wanting for scout's bathroom.  i saw it at target a few weeks ago, but decided to wait until after pay day.  then i looked it up online and they were sold out!  i went to the store yesterday and they had one left on the shelf!  i'll post pictures when it's finished.  i got the shower curtain and a new clock up, but that's it.  i thought i had a red bathroom rug from when the bathroom was done in pirates, but i guess i threw it out.  i already have a trash can and soap dispenser that will match.  i ordered a poster for the wall this morning.  i wasn't going to redo the bathroom, but i really don't think he will like the peach, gray, and black trees and birdcage that were in there.  now it matches his room and k-dogg's office.  and best of's not frogs, ducks, or a sea creature theme!  for some reason the stores think that's what everyone wants for their kids' bathrooms! 

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mzzterry said...

in case anyone wonders.....the snoopy bathroom is cuuute! good job daughter ;)