Wednesday, June 1, 2011

don't know why

i guess today is a summer preview.  since my mom decided to get all dramatic and faint yesterday :) i stayed home with scout so she could rest.  i think it's absolutely insane that we're still in school anyway.  scout actually slept in til 8:15...he's never slept that late before.  he was up about 2 hours and then fell asleep again.  woke up and ate and played with gram, then went to sleep again!  on days when i have a lot to do at the house, this will be great.  on days in want to go out and do something...he's gonna either have to wake up or sleep on the go!  i ran out to get lunch earlier and when i pulled up in the driveway...the garage door would only open about a foot.  i tried 3 or 4 times and each time it would open less and less.  i have no idea what's wrong.  i'm just glad my car was out of the garage when it happened so that i can still leave if i need to!  i never had a garage door before we moved here and k-dogg didn't either, so we have no clue what to do to it or what to look for!  anyway, i need to go finish a present for my friends that are moving to louisiana this weekend.  i just wanted to post again before another 10 months passed!

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