Saturday, July 2, 2011

white wedding

Ashton Gardens has the coolest chapel I have ever seen!

The brothers Perez

Lindsey and her dad


my cute little cousin!  he caught the garter and then when they were trying to take the picture, he kept throwing it to his dad!

me and k-dogg

k-dogg posing

we waved glow sticks instead of throwing rice...some people threw the sticks!
Our friends/k-dogg's co-worker/my cousin and his fiance got married last night.  you should look up ashton gardens online.  it is awesome.  the whole chapel is floor to ceiling windows with wooden beams and it's surrounded by trees.  very cool!  the reception was a lot of fun.  we actually danced...i got k-dogg to do the cupid shuffle!  we stayed at the hilton garden inn in las colinas.  it's very nice and right across the street from some good shopping and food!  on our way home today we stopped by the outlet center in terrell.  i don't usually like outlet centers.  the ones here just don't compare to the one in camarillo, california!  but, they are the closest place with an osh kosh and carters store.  scout racked up and he wasn't even with us.  apparently, he was out shopping with gram and poppa, eating at cracker barrel, and charming everyone he met!  love that little boy.  now that i have the laundry underway for our next excursion and have my wedding pictures on the computer...i'm off to pick him up...can't wait to see him! 

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