Friday, July 15, 2011


now that i'm done blogging about my trip, i need to start something new so i don't quit blogging again.  so, i am kinda copying a meme my mom has been doing...but instead of doing a certain letter each day this month, i'm just starting with a and i'll do it when i feel like it.  so A...

Audio of my favorite bands since i was about 14 or 15.  love them...even though they aren't really together anymore, actually wearing one of their concert shirts right now

that's from one of their really old albums...but it's still my favorite!

asparagus green...that's the name of the color we used on the wall in Scout's room, so cool

Austin, TX...home of the Texas Longhorns

A Time to Kill...probably the best John Grisham book, and a really good movie, too

anyway, the perfect word for SO many situations

wow, that was actually kinda hard.  probably should do that when i slept well the night before and haven't been busy playing with Scout, doing laundry, going to rescue my mom from being locked out of her house, and trying to redecorate/repurpose my living room while Scout is learning to crawl and rolling around everywhere!

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Tonia @ said...

Asparagus green sound like a GREAT paint color! Our bedroom is painted green but I would like it to be a different shade than it is.