Monday, July 18, 2011


so, onto the letter B...and yes, i did use a michael jackson song as my title again.  it won't happen all the time! sister...and I forgot  i actually have a picture where you can see her tattoo!  it's a butterfly, so that definitely works for this post, too.

balloons...we have the balloon races near here every year.  i think i've actually only been once when i was really little and then a few years ago with k-dogg and a friend.  it's at the end of july, so it's always really hot and they have country bands play every year, so i don't like that.  but the balloons are awesome when they are lit up.  one year, i was driving to the church to leave for mexico early in the morning, and we got to see a lot of them in the air during the early morning race!  i can't wait to take scout in a few years. we'll just leave before the music starts!  

blues it, love it, love it!  kenny wayne shepherd is my favorite!  and blue on black is one of my favorite songs.

baseball...more specifically, the texas rangers.  but, i spent a lot of time at the ball park when i was younger for someone who didn't have any brothers! 

blankets...yep, i make fleece blankets.  at last count it was somewhere between 50-60.  i like making them for babies, but i try to make them a little different.  not all pastel blue and pink!

bears...yes, i may work at a different school district now, and have to wear shirts that say bulldogs.  but, i grew up a bear, i taught bears, i will always be a bear!

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mzzterry said...

this just might be the best blog post you have ever written. i LOVE it!! ;D