Thursday, July 7, 2011

empire state of mind

we got home from new york a few hours ago.  i took over 400 pictures.  they're all on my computer, but for now i'm just going to post a few favorites.  no big posts yet...i'm too tired and i want to go play with scout.

4th of July in Rockefeller Center

30 Rock

St Patrick's Cathedral

Not a good pic, but it's the fireworks from Times Square!

a homeless man in East Village does mosaic art on the light posts

very good egg cream...although i have nothing with which to compare it

K-dogg at Top of the Rock

me at Top of the Rock

it was so awesome, if you're a would LOVE it!

the Delacorte Clock in Central Park

the bakery where we ate in English except on the signs

the new World Trade Center

New York Stock Exchange

a bronzed casting of a root system from an oak tree that fell on 9/11 near Trinity Church, none of the churches or the historical cemetery was damaged!

serious cards and mahjong at columbus park in chinatown.  it was part of the five points neighborhood that the movie gangs of new york was based on.  we were the only tourists there!
 more later!


mzzterry said...

love these......the St Patricks one looks like a postcard! The root is amazing.....i can't believe that the two of you went to that park....but i guess after Japan you can go anywhere!! ;)

queen of everything said...

love the root, so beautiful. seriously loving all these pictures.