Sunday, July 3, 2011


had to steal this from my mom!  it's my kid, so it's ok!  tomorrow is his first 4th of july and his 7 month birthday.  i'm sure my mom will have it all documented!  i hate packing for a plane ride.  i love traveling, just not the packing, making sure everything is where it's supposed to be so we have as little problem getting through security as possible.  leaving from the regional airport makes this much easier.  on the way home i'm always so tired that it doesn't bother me.  i should be used to it by now.  i've flown with k-dogg, alone, alone and pregnant (leaving from LAX was not fun!), and we've been to tokyo.  i've been through the border in mexico with a huge group of people.  but i will not relax at all until we are on the plane and in the air.  last year at LAX, i actually threw my boarding pass away because it was in my hand with my bk leftovers!  thankfully, i realized what i had done and it was right on top in the trash can.  so, after i drop off scout ...i'm going to come home, finish packing, and clean house so it will be clean when we get back.  my mom and k-dogg told me not to think about packing until scout was at gram's.  so, i haven't packed yet...but i have a detailed list for my purse, carry-on, make up bag, and suitcase and all of my clothes are hanging on the closet door!  :) 


mzzterry said...

you two have the most FUN ever. scout is going to have a laid back, relaxing time here at home. take ten times more photos than you think you should. LOVE YOU.

queen of everything said...

love this post. i hate to pack which is why it's really funny that i'm packing our house by myself. glad the trip went well and i can't believe how big eman is getting