Friday, July 8, 2011

new york state of mind

i have no idea where to start talking about our trip, so i'll just start at the beginning.  we got there monday, 4th of july, after sitting behind the most annoying guy i have been around in a long time.  anyway, we stayed at the iroquois hotel on 44th street.  right between times square and grand central terminal.  yeah, pretty busy area!  we dropped our stuff off and went out to wander around.  the only things on our agenda that day were to eat a hot dog and see fireworks.  we ended up on avenue of the americas (6th street) and found st. patrick's cathedral. then we kept going and found rockefeller center where the nbc studios are.  later we were going to do the top of the rock tour, but they wouldn't let anyone else up until after the fireworks.  we saw atlas and prometheus.  even if you've never been to new york, i'm sure you know what those are.  at some point, we got a hot dog from a street vendor, check!  then we ended up in times square.  i wanted to have dinner at hard rock cafe, even though it's a terribly cheesy and touristy thing to do.  by then, we decided not to try to see the fireworks.  it was going to be too crazy and crowded. we walked around times square for a while, and then right at one of the bigger intersections you could actually see a few of the fireworks.  it was pretty cool to see them from there, check!  we did everything on our list for that day and a lot more!  day 2 was, i'm going to save that for another post.  i'll shoot for tomorrow, but no promises because k-dogg plans on working in the yard and scout and i may have to go to target or visit gram. 

right in front of our hotel

st patrick's cathedral...may be my favorite building in the world, and i'm not even catholic!

inside the cathedral

we didn't stay long or get to walk around because they were having a service


Prometheus, where they have the ice skating rink when it's cold.  right now it's outdoor eating

if you watch good morning america, this is always in the background!
i was taking a picture of the new year's ball and happened to catch a cool picture!

i was dress appropriately for hrc

wall of gibsons

times square

the infamous musical

fattest spiderman i've ever seen!


mzzterry said...

first, that spiderman is hilarious! haha!! how funny is that?! and i can't believe how i love the photo of the hard rock

times square looks every bit as crowded as the photo you took in Japan.....did it feel that way??

the wall of gibsons, that is amazing, too.

i have always,always, thought st patricks to be one of the most beautiful buildings ever, so i totally am jealous!! and want copies of these pics!!

;) missing my baby boy this house is SO quiet

vanillafrog said...

times square was different because most of those people were just hanging out. in tokyo, everyone had somewhere to be. a lot less people were just standing or sitting around in tokyo.