Wednesday, July 20, 2011


today is brought to you by the letter C...

Converse...i wore them in 3rd grade.  i got more in 7th grade.  the black pair i got in 7th grade is the pair i still wear!  i have had turquoise, yellow, black, purple, color block, orange, and black, red, and white plaid.  but, the ones in the picture are my all time favorites.  they belong to my son, Scout.  he's already outgrown this pair, but as soon as it's cool enough for him to wear shoes again, we'll get him another pair.  we tried a pair of vans, my second favorite shoe brand, but his foot is too fat!  the pair you see here will soon be getting a display box...right along with a certain pair of striped pajamas!

Coca-cola...i switch back and forth from coca-cola and dr. pepper every few years.  but the more i travel, the easier it is to stick with coke...they're worldwide! this can is in russian because it was a special edition can for the olympics a few years ago.  Scout loves coca-cola, too.  he has no idea what it tastes like...but he can stare at a red coke can for hours! way would i ever live there.  but the weather is much nicer, there's lots of stuff to take pictures of, and my sister lives there.

Christmas...always my favorite holiday, but SOMEONE made Christmas a little different this year...wonder who that could've been???  Scout was born December 4.  He was a big baby when he was born, but then he lost too much weight and went back in the hospital less than 2 weeks before Christmas.  we also had to take lots of trips to the doctors' office for weight checks.  between that stress, the lack of sleep, and recovering from having Scout, i barely remember anything.  this Christmas will be SO much more fun, i can't wait!  and Scout should get his auntie for Christmas this year...they're supposed to be here!

Cookie Monster...i'm a bigger fan of oscar the grouch and had a big bird doll when i was little.  but scout loves the cookie monster his great aunt gave him!  i spent many mornings this past spring making cookie monster sing and dance for him while we were getting ready for school.  and he loves can you not like him?!?!  at least the cookie monster i grew up with did.  i hear he's all about the veggies now!

i have no idea how Scout took over my whole list of things with C...but it does make my blog much cuter!


mzzterry said...

*C* cute.

queen of everything said...

love this, i crocheted q a pair of converses when i was preggers with him. the whole time i was working on them i told anybody who would listen about my cool friend who wore them. glad to see you blogging again, and that scout is a cute lil thing