Wednesday, July 27, 2011


ok, first of all...i don't know how i did a list of things i like that start with the letter C and did not include Chick-fil-a!  second, today's song title is by better than ezra, because i know reina likes them as much as i do!

D...this one has taken a while.  but, i think i have enough to do a list!

Duncan and i've mentioned before, i hear a lot of smack talk about my choice of basketball teams.  i don't care.  my favorite team for a long time has been the san antonio spurs, mostly because of tim duncan.  because i think his days in the nba are numbered, i've been looking for a new player to watch.  my pick is kevin durant from the oklahoma city thunder.  and more importantly, he played for the texas longhorns.

 Dressin' this store, love the people that work there, love my peacock feather sandals i bought yesterday.  i have been shopping here since middle school.  about 90% of the time when someone asks where my jewelry is from, it's from here.  the other times it's either from canton or etsy. 

Digital camera...yeah, my brother-in-law will tell you i don't know how to work it right, and yeah, he's right.  i don't care.  i love my camera.  i have a canon powershot s5.  i know nothing about speed and aperture, and all that stuff.  but, i do pretty well on auto and i like switching colors around!  without our digital cameras, my mom and i wouldn't have THOUSANDS of pictures of scout!

Dramamine...i get motion sickness very easily!  without this stuff, i don't know how i would've made it to tokyo, la, nyc, or mexico.  it definitely came in handy on a 3 night trip to colorado in a suburban with my mom, sister, cousin, and my mom's parents!  slept most of the way there and managed to tick off my mom's dad...score!

Dad...this is my dad.  i believe his name has been changed to poppaboppa by my son, but he's ok with that.  i didn't even try to find a picture of him without scout because i'd have to go back to before scout was born.  scout likes most people.  scout loves his momma, daddy, and gram. scout goes absolutely crazy bonkers when he sees his poppa!  my dad is the absolute best man on earth.  period.  no debate or contest.  so, if scout wants to hang out with him, follow him around, absorb his taste in music, he's not going to hear a no from me.

Disney...yeah, it has its critics.  sure, they have made some stinkers.  it doesn't matter.  i love disney!  we went to the disney store in times square and got scout patch from 101 dalmatians.  he loves it.  he wears shirts with tigger and patch.  i'm not real big into the disney princesses, thankfully, i have a boy!  my absolute favorite disney movie is peter pan.  i really like jungle book, aladdin, fox and the hound, and finding nemo.  except for princess jasmine in aladdin...those aren't really girly movies!  my favorite characters are usually the little sidekicks.  i've never been to disney world or land.  hopefully, we'll get to take scout when he's older. 

i'm sure i left something important off, oh well!


mzzterry said...

"my dad is the absolute best man on earth."

amen & amen. ;)

and i so hope you get to take scout to disney land or world some day!

kevan said...

Thank you!!! The boy can hang out with me any time.

queen of everything said...

love better than ezra and was jammin out to them just the other day. great pics, love the one of your dad and scout.